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We value financial and prayer support for the work of the trust. We are always interested in your connection to the work and if there is a particular person or project that you have a strong interest in. We always seek to honour donor intent but the trust reserves the right to deploy all funds where most needed. Providing us with information about your connections to the work of the trust will help us to make sure that you are connected to the people and places that you are most interested in supporting.

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Executive Director

Nigel Pollock is the Executive Director of the Trust. Nigel has an extensive international ministry. He has spoken on every continent at conferences, camps and student events. He has delivered many public lectures on University Campuses and written widely for a number of magazines and published two books including the best selling Relationships Revolution. Nigel currently lives in Wellington with his family where he also serves as National Director of TSCF. He has a long-standing commitment to Scripture Union and is on the Council of SU New Zealand as well as being a Director of Mission Scotland and the Vine Trust and making a contribution to IFES globally. His passions are growing a new generation of leaders, relating Christian faith to contemporary culture and applying the Bible to the whole of life.

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